Eyevis snaps up digital signage software specialist

Eyevis snaps up digital signage software specialist
Eyevis has its sights on the digital signage market with the acquisition of software company STiNO Media AG.

Reutlingen, Germany based eyevis has bought the majority stake in STiNO Media, which – together with its sister company Stinova – will be transformed into STiNO eyevis GmbH.

Heiko Schaich, CEO of eyevis, said: “STiNO Media AG offers very innovative software solutions for the operation of digital signage networks and the communication with interactive digital commercial displays. Those displays can be perfectly combined with our display solutions.

“Since eyevis wants to strengthen its competences in the growing digital signage market, we integrated STiNO into our company group. Together as eyevis-Teracue-STiNO association we will be able to offer high-quality complete solutions for digital signage applications in the future."

Franz Hintermayr, founder and associate of STiNO Media AG and new managing director of STiNO eyevis, added: “Eyevis provides us with new resources that help us to increase our sales activities and in this way better draw on our existing business potential nationally and internationally. Conversely, eyevis will be able to extend its product portfolio in the digital signage sector due to our support and offer complete packages of coordinated hardware and software solutions.”

Eyevis has confirmed that the StiNO brand, name and patent rights as well as its employees and management will not change.

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