Eye tracking software knows when you’re bored in VR

Eye tracking software knows when you’re bored in VR
The latest advancement in VR is perhaps one of the most one significant ones yet as it combats the biggest issue facing VR content producers – boredom. New software from optics-based company Eyefluence uses the relationship between the eye and the brain to keep users compelled in virtual storytelling.

Eyefluence has developed software that allows a user’s eye movement alone to communicate with a virtual environment. By measuring what their eyes are and are not interested in (i.e. a particular scenario or character), or simply if you’re fed up of your latest VR session, Eyefluence hopes to improve virtual storytelling becoming commonplace in arenas such as visitor attractions. There are obviously also clear benefits for improving productivity through VR.

A specialist in optics, AI, and mechanical engineering, Eyefluence state the software allows eyes to act your hypothetical finger on your smartphone (minus the swiping) and allow users to view menus, launch programs and pan, zoom and scroll.

Tackling both the most exciting and hard to manage aspect of VR – a viewer’s personal freedom to look wherever they want – this latest development in VR could offer the formula for how companies keep user engagement high in a virtual world.

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