Extron celebrates 40 year anniversary

Extron celebrates 40 year anniversary
Extron has announced a landmark year for the company as it celebrates 40 years of service, support and success.

Starting with a problem-solving computer-video interface in 1983, Extron has grown to offer a roster of 5,000 products with technologies used by millions of people around the world.

The company attributes their longevity and success to loyal customers, talented and dedicated employees, and an unflinching adherence to the principles set forth by Extron's founder, Andrew Edwards.

Brian Taraci, CEO/CTO, Extron, commented: “Extron grew up alongside the AV industry. For four decades, we’ve seen the evolution of technologies that completely reshaped how people communicate, and we’re proud of the leading role we play in developing innovations that drive the industry forward. As we continue to produce core technologies for the enterprise, I’m very excited for the road ahead."

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