Exertis to cut plastic use with sustainability initiatives

Exertis to cut plastic use with sustainability initiatives
Exertis has announced its key initiatives to reduce its use of plastic in its business operations, establishing July as its plastic free month and implementing new initiatives to reduce waste.

Exertis is introducing a waste separation initiative at Amacom, with all plastic materials being stored separately, with all plastic waste being separated and collected for recycling. 

Amacom is also using wrapping machines to automatically wrap pallets with plastic, using pre-stretched foil to reduce plastic usage. 

Plastic air pockets are also being filled with air, filling air pockets with air and using plastic filling material as needed. 

Exertis UK is also working in partnership with Macfarlane Packaging, reducing the stretch wrap and pallet top sheets material by 24%, a total 18 tons of plastic material at its three UK logistics centres, equating to 45 tons of COâ‚‚e emission reduction in the plastic material process. Exertis UK is moving into the second phase of the project, with initial findings predicting the removal of an additional 19 tons of plastic material, reducing material manufacturing COâ‚‚e emissions by 36 tonnes. 

The third stage aims to see the process implemented across other Exertis facilities across Europe, with the Exertis UK marketing team replacing plastic wrapping for its quarterly reseller magazines with 100% compostable potato starch polywrap.

Hypertec is aiming to implement in-house design packaging, requested at source to be made from recyclable materials such as replacing plastic inlay trays with recyclable card trays. 

Across the group’s offices and warehouse locations, all under-desk bins have been removed in favour of recycling bins with guidance for proper recycling. 

Plastic bottles have been removed from the group’s canteen and vending machines, using glass or refillable bottles instead of plastic cups. 

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