Evoluce boosts touch with gesture control

Evoluce boosts touch with gesture control
Evoluce has added gesture control to its multi-touch technology, allowing displays to recognise commands from up to one metre away.

Now users can directly manipulate objects on the screen through making scrolling, rotating, stretching, shrinking, or pivoting motions close to the screen without touching it.

Evoluce says the gesture computing enhancement to its ITSO (Integrated Through Screen Optics) Sensing Technology, provides true multi-touch, multi-pen functionality for large flat screen LCDs. Multi-touch-enabled applications can see and respond to in-the-air gestures up to one metre from the screen for more intuitive and direct user interaction.

The ITSO Sensing Technology software solution is built into the Evoluce ONE, a 47-inch full HD LCD screen with multi-touch and multi-pen functionality.

“The range of applications that can benefit from gesture enhancement paired with true multi-pen and multi-touch capability is extremely wide,” said Wolfgang Herfurtner, CEO of Evoluce AG.

“Collaboration, product and industrial design, business intelligence, information visualisation, medical imaging, and command and control functions become more accessible without additional complexity. Product information can be delivered directly at the point of sale to customers in a completely new interactive way, revolutionising shopping, for example. The possibilities are truly mind-boggling.”

Evoluce supports all standard interfaces for multi-touch application software development, including Java, XML, and TUIO.

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