EVI training penetrates South Africa

Electro-Voice seminars conducted for young audio technicians in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa have been hailed a success.

Seminar leader Anthony Sawyer, technical support manager in the EVI Audio team, schooled young technicians from the South African Roadie Association (SARA) and students at the SAE Institute (formerly the School of Audio Engineering) in fundamental aspects of audio technology. In each case, the content of the seminars was tailored to the knowledge level of the participants.

The first seminars, comprising a live sound workshop, were held at SARA in Johannesburg. During the two-day workshop, fifteen students from SARA were instructed in the practical rudiments of audio technology, such as the balancing of level chains and the correct programming of limiters. Another main theme was the assembly of systems tailored to particular events and production requirements. Here Sawyer explained the way the various components in the signal chain – the microphones, the mixer, the signal processors, the amplifier and the loudspeakers – interact.

The second workshop was held on the Cape Town campus of the worldwide SAE Institute (formerly the School of Audio Engineering). Around thirty students – joined by employees of local rental companies later on – took part in the seminars. "The SAE in Dubai and Anthony Sawyer have collaborated for years and they hold him in the highest esteem," said Oliver Sahm, director of the Technical Support Team Pro Audio, explaining the origins of the workshops. "As ‘our man in Dubai’, he has already taken several years of SAE students successfully through a variety of workshops series devoted to live sound. The feedback from the Dubai campus was so positive that the SAE in South Africa asked him to conduct some seminars for them this year as well."

The thirst for knowledge and the level of participation of the seminar participants is what struck Anthony Sawyer the most on each of the courses he conducted in South Africa this year. "They’re reluctant to even break for lunch! That kind of enthusiasm for pro audio is bound to set them up for future success when they begin launching their careers."

Oliver Sahm also sees the seminars as a foundation in Electro-Voice’s campaign to penetrate the South African market. "Young audio technicians and SAE students walked away from these seminars with important fundamentals of pro audio science – with EV in each case providing the tools. They learned not only the abstract theory – which is important – but also how to put it into practice using Electro-Voice equipment. Their participation, along with that of the local rental company, resulted in further penetration into the South African market. And later on when the students begin careers in the audio industry, these seminars will produce future gains, because they’ll carry with them memories, not only of the course and what they learned from it, but also of the equipment that was at their fingertips when that knowledge was acquired."