Europe’s "largest display" to debut this autumn

The "largest indoor LED screen in Europe" will be unveiled in the autumn.
The 40m display – dubbed Waterloo Motion - was initially scheduled to launch this summer but it is thought the project has been delayed.
Details have been kept tightly under wraps by multinational advertising corporation JCDecaux, who claim the display will be the largest indoor LED unit in Europe. 

The firm has been releasing small glimpses of the display since January, including a video of the screen being tested.

The display to be unveiled at London’s Waterloo Station is an AOTO SMD LED unit with a 6mm pitch and resolution of 6720px x 480px, or 3.2 million pixels, boasting 4.4 trillion colours.

At the NEC Solutions Showcase held recently some details of the project did emerge. The challenges of installing and using a display of such a size in a public place were highlighted in a presentation and included getting the colours and brightness correct and maximising the field of vision. The expense of the project and the potential for motion sickness were also listed as challenges to be overcome.

The plan is to host interactive initiatives within the station concourse linked through to the 120m² screen to draw the interest of the 1.8 million visitors that JCDecaux estimates pass through the station every week, with an average of almost 300,000 on each weekday.

The company has just launched a 50 foot display at John F. Kennedy International Airport, the largest digital advertising sign in the building, as well as a network of 36 70” HD screens at Newark Liberty International Airport.