Europe boasts highest average global broadband speeds in 2023

Europe boasts highest average global broadband speeds in 2023
Research by has revealed that western Europe boasts the highest average global broadband speeds in 2023.

Western European countries represent eight of the top ten fastest countries in the world for broadband, with Jersey topping the table with the fastest global speed with a staggering average speed of 264.52Mbps.

The analysis relied on approximately 1.3 billion broadband speed tests worldwide, with the research designed and compiled by and data gathered by M-Lab. The full data spread can be viewed here.

The UK saw its speed improve with an average speed of 93.63Mbps, improving over 2022’s 72.06Mbps. This average places the country in 17th place out of 28 western European countries, with average speeds in the UK translating to roughly 81% of the Western European average of 118.69Mbps.

The North Africa region collectively had the lowest average speed in the world (9.81Mbps) while Western European nations collectively held a speed of 118.69Mbps.

Dan Howdle, consumer telecoms analyst,, commented: "The UK continues to keep apace with average speeds around the world, failing to gain ground on other countries in the global league table, while at the same time maintaining roughly the same position.

"Speeds have increased globally by 30.044% since the same period in 2021/2022, while UK speeds have increased by 29.933% across the same period. Meanwhile, Europe continues to dominate the global league table, extending its lead over much of the world as FTTP full fibre continues to make an increasingly large dent in consumer uptake."

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