Esplanade intercom systems upgraded with Clear-Com solutions

AUTHOR: Inavate

The Esplanade – Theaters on the Bay in Singapore has updated its production intercom system with Clear-Com digital solutions. The project was supported by Clear-Com’s local partner in Singapore, Electronics & Engineering.

The existing partyline system was producing constant “hum” and “buzz” noises that are inherent in typical analog systems. The noise was audible and at times affected the quality of some of the quieter performances hence necessitating the need to replace the system with a digital solution.

The Esplanade upgraded its existing partyline intercom system with the HelixNet Digital Partyline system and also installed the Eclipse HX Median and Eclipse HX PiCo Digital Matrix intercom systems. The solutions also integrate with Esplanade’s FreeSpeak wireless intercom system. In combination the Clear-Com solution enables communication throughout the facility, which comprises the Esplanade Concert Hall, Theater, Recital Studio and Theater Studio.

Robin Shuttleworth, technical manager at The Esplanade, explained why Clear-Com solutions were chosen: “We chose the new Clear-Com digital system for its clarity and cost-effectiveness, and also because it could run on our existing infrastructure using Ethernet cable. This was crucial to us, as it allowed us to ‘recover’ intercom points throughout our venues that we otherwise would have had to set up new infrastructure.”

He also commented on the benefits of the new systems: “One of the nice things about the HelixNet System is that it allows the end user to choose any two of the four intercom channels to use, with only one mic cable to the belt pack. The set-up time of the beltpacks has definitely been reduced due to the ease of deployment of the necessary intercom beltpacks throughout the venue for performances."