Epson invests €50 million in European growth plan

AUTHOR: Inavate

Epson has announced it will invest €50 million in Europe over the next two years to drive its growth in the region.  Reinforcing Epson’s commitment to Europe and the region’s importance in the company’s ongoing strategic shift from consumer to business markets, senior VP of Epson Europe Rob Clark said the new investment will focus on infrastructure, information technology and marketing, and that the company will increase its regional workforce by 10%.

"Global investments in key regions such as Europe, the Middle East and Africa will continue to be necessary to enable the company to sustain growth in business markets over the medium to long-term," explained Clark.

"Particular emphasis in this round of investment will be placed on enhancing our competitive participation in Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, including the opening of new offices in Berlin, Munich, Lisbon and Madrid."