Employees open to new workspace tech amid video call exhaustion

Almost 60% of employees surveyed have reported that they are open to integrating new technologies in the workplace, with 36% reporting exhaustion after hours of video calls, according to a study carried out by VR headset developer HTC vive.

The study highlighted that 74% of office workers remained concerns about the risks of returning to work, with meeting rooms (41%) and main offices (65%) standing out as the greatest areas of concern. 

The study also highlighted that 36% had expressed exhaustion after hours of video calls, with more than half (52%) of respondents open to integrating virtual reality technology in the workplace. 

While the technology has not seen mass adoption in the corporate world to date, a quarter of respondents (25%) agreeing that their workplaces could transition to a virtual workspace environment, however 31% of surveyed employees believe the technology could be too expensive. 

Graham Wheeler, general manager, HTC EMEA, commented: "There's no doubt that remote working will be a big part of work life in the future, with some major organisations already making clear that employees will not be required to work from a fixed location. That means companies need to be efficient when it comes to communicating, learning and creating remotely, maintaining the immersive element of a physical office, and the ability to have real interactions.” 

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