Electrosonic: Products and Solutions go separate ways

Electrosonic: Products and Solutions go separate ways
Electrosonic has overhauled its business structure, separating the products division from its AV systems integration business. The company is now seeking resellers for its product line and has launched a products-only website.

Electrosonic Products Division is now wholly separate from Electrosonic Solutions. The new products business has its own engineers, managers, sales force and technical support staff. It will operate from Dartford in the UK and Minneapolis and Burbank in the USA.

The company is calling on resellers and distributors worldwide to contact it for details on its new operations.

Visitors to the company’s website will now be routed to either the Products or Solutions websites.

Jim Bowie, president of Electrosonic, said: “With an eye on future trends in the AV world, our independently operating products and solutions divisions, will help in achieving the diverse objectives and demands of our customers. Our new website will serve to clearly inform clients, distributors and resellers on the separation between our products and services.”

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