Electrosonic looks to new CEO Hancock to spearhead growth

Electrosonic looks to new CEO Hancock to spearhead growth
UK headquartered integrator Electrosonic has named Jon Hancock as chief executive officer of the Electrosonic Group and its subsidiary companies.

Hancock has a background in retail banking, consulting and IT related professional services. He joins Electrosonic from consultancy HCL Axon where he was most recently corporate vice president and chief operating officer. 
Steve Leyland, chairman of the Electrosonic Group, said: “The owners, the board of directors and the business leadership believe Jon has exactly the right profile and experience to take Electrosonic on the next phase of its 50-plus year journey. As we know the AV industry is changing rapidly and the fields of IT and AV are merging. Jon’s experience in service-oriented IT firms will be critical here.

 “Jon has spent much of his time with client executives, prospective clients and his teams on the frontline.

“He is accustomed to doing business around the world, including Europe, the US, and Asia. Jon also understands the power of strong company culture and knows that our people are what make Electrosonic such a special company.”

Hancock will be tasked with growing business and bringing value to multinational customers by bringing Electrosonic’s international centres of excellence closer together and broadening service offerings.
He said: “Our goal is to have a single mission and coordinated messaging to the market about our design, build and services capabilities that can deploy anywhere our customers desire.” 

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