Edumax chosen as Vivitek’s Norwegian distributor

Edumax chosen as Vivitek’s Norwegian distributor
Projector manufacturer Vivitek has announced that Edumax is its Norwegian distributor.

In operation since 2010, Edumax is a distributor that operates in the visual communication market, with additional experience in the learning sector.

“Edumax’s impressive visual communication portfolio and niche expertise in education have been highly persuasive factors for Vivitek in choosing Edumax,” says Holger Graeff, general manager Vivitek EMEA.
“In addition, with their ambition of becoming the market’s leading value-added distributor, we envision an exciting future for the partnership.”

Lars Petter, CEO of Edumax, said: “Like Vivitek, Edumax share a commitment to realising state-of-the-art products, professional service and a clear policy on the environment. Together, we will deliver environmentally-conscious products of an exemplary calibre.”