Ecler launches new cabinets

AUTHOR: Inavate

Ecler has announced the new Verso series, a range of so-called “all-terrain” loudspeakers that are said to be ideal for a range of fixed and mobile applications.

The range includes six models, three passive Verso 8 (150W), Verso 10 (250W) and Verso 12 (350W), and three active versions Verso 8p (200W), Verso 10p (300W) and Verso 12p (450W). All models are two-way full range and made of high resistance, high density plastic material.

The active models feature independent amplification for the high and low ways, as well as a built-in 2-input channel mixer. All models are prepared for flat installation on the ground and include efficient Larsen high frequency protection, carry handle at the rear, six hanging points and Speakon connectors.