EAW Europe established

EAW Europe established
EAW Europe will be focused exclusively on the EAW brand, the initiative includes a complete European product inventory and dedicated product service centre.

Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has established a new operation – exclusively focused on the EAW brand – that dramatically upgrades the company’s ability to serve the crucial European professional audio marketplace.

The new EAW Europe, which officially opens its doors on January 2, 2007, is based in Wickford, Essex, UK, and is headed by Sean Martin, the company’s veteran European Sales Manager. He is directing a team of six full-time, highly experienced professionals who will work in support of the EAW brand and its European customer base.

The new operation offers the complete inventory of EAW products on the European continent in order to dramatically shorten delivery times. An expansive inventory of repair and replacement parts are kept on hand as well, with an EAW Product Service Centre also instituted in Wickford, in very close proximity to the offices of EAW Europe.

“EAW Europe has been established to directly serve all of the specialized needs of our customers in Europe, streamlining not only the communication process but also the entire way we do business,” explains Sean Martin. “As EAW continues to move impressively forward in developing groundbreaking new technologies, those efforts are being matched by an uncompromising attitude in taking care of our customers, saving them time, expense and hassle.”

In addition to Sean Martin, the EAW Europe team is comprised of UK Sales Manager Moray McMillin, Application Support Group (ASG) Specialist Steve Badham, Service Manager Mark Keeble, Sales Administrator Juliane Becker and Office Manager Lesley Townsend.

“This is a team to truly be proud of,” notes Sean Martin. “These individuals bring years of hands-on experience to their respective positions, and that’s matched by their dedication to excellence on behalf of the organization and its products.”

The directive to establish a strong, dedicated EAW brand footprint is the brainchild of EAW Brand Group Vice President Jeffrey Cox, teamed with Sean Martin’s extensive knowledge and understanding of the unique needs of the European marketplace. It comes as the company continues to increase its focus on Europe’s pro audio community, highlighted by educational efforts such as the B4 Roadshow - conducted by EAW's training and educational staff - held across the continent earlier this year. (Note that EAW also offers a dedicated office serving Germany, and this continues.)

“Not only is EAW a technology company; it is also absolutely committed to supporting its customers. This is something we’ve been addressing with exceptional energy over the past year - product service, technical support, enhanced product and company information communicated via an increasing number of channels, and so on,” states Cox. “The bottom line is that Europe has been, and remains, a very important market for EAW. That’s why we have invested the resources and personnel in establishing a dedicated EAW brand operation in Europe.”