Earn CTS RU credits with Datapath

Earn CTS RU credits with Datapath
Datapath is an official AVIXA CTS Renewal Unit (RU) Provider after achieving certification from the trade association for a number of its training programmes.

The manufacturer has also announced a new course, “How to Set Up and Troubleshoot a Datapath VSN Controller”.

Following accreditation from AVIXA’s CTS renewal committee, course attendees will earn 2.25 Renewal Units (R U) towards CTS and 2.25 RU points towards CTS-I certification. 

David Labuskes, chief executive officer of AVIXA, said: “We’re thrilled that Datapath has developed this course to support the CTS program.

“The more companies invest in providing education resources, the more the AV industry can elevate itself to higher standards.” 

New hire will improve project delivery, management says
Datapath has also appointed Dave Leat [pictured below] as project director. Leat joins Datapath from GE Power and has previously held positions with the Brush Group, GKN Aerospace, and Rolls-Royce.

His past roles have included operations director, head of programme management and programme manager.  
David_Leat Datapath headshot
Leat said: “Datapath is known for being innovators in pro AV visual solutions and I am fortunate to have seen a glimpse of what the future holds. By ensuring our software and hardware developments are aligned as we move forward, we will continue to lead the way in visual solutions.”

Bjorn Krylander, managing director of Datapath, said: “We are really pleased to bring Dave’s experience and knowledge to the team. Datapath’s continued growth requires continued strengthening of the R&D management to allow us to improve our project delivery. At a time when we see a growing R&D team, with more projects being run in parallel, it is important we strengthen the organisation and process by which we deliver projects and new product developments.”

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