Dynamic, tactile touch screens are the future

Dynamic, tactile touch screens are the future
Having spent a week watching CES from afar I was mostly disappointed with what came out of the 2013 event. 4K resolution isn’t new to pro AV, neither is the rapid going of fashion of 3D. Also not new are OLED screens although there were more of them this year. What was genuinely exciting though was Tactus Technologies’ dynamic touch screen system which allows physical buttons to appear and disappear over your device’s interface.

Whilst at the moment the bubbles created are button sizes, I’m not seeing a reason why refined iterations of this technology could be used to create braille like patterns for the partially sighted or other forms of physical feedback for different kinds of interface.

This is Engadget’s take on things from the CES 2013 show floor:

This links to Tactus Technologies' corporate video, which for some reason they don’t want us to embed..


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