Dynacord sound system empowers historic Paisley Abbey

Dynacord sound system empowers historic Paisley Abbey
A Dynacord sound system has brought a new standard of audio to the historic Paisley Abbey in Paisley, UK, bringing simplified presets that activate appropriate parts of the new system based on the activity or event.

Founded in 1163, the abbey has seen several restorations and renovations over its long history, with Adlib designing and installing a modern, networked audio system to replace an aging, 30-year-old sound system.

The abbey required a sound system that was simple to use and could be augmented by external production companies when needed, turning to Adlib to design and install the new sound system.

Adlib specified the Dynacord MXE5 matrix mix engine to provide the control and sound processing, TPC-1 touch panel controller and Sonicue sound system software to deliver a user-friendly setup, accompanied by IPX and C series power amplifiers to drive vertical-array series loudspeakers.

Control is delivered to the user through an iPad or the IP-networked TPC-1 which allows scene recall and level adjustments. The church can select one of three presets, normal model, chapel mode and chancel mode. Each preset activates different elements of the system and a different combination of mics.

Dynacord’s TS loudspeakers were selected to provide audio, with four TS 400s covering the main nave of the abbey and an additional three TS 100s and three TS 200s to cover adjacent spaces.

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