DVI with RS-232, Audio and EDID

DVI with RS-232, Audio and EDID
Hall Research Technologies has introduced the UD2A-EDID, DVI video extender over twisted-pair (Cat6) with EDID management, audio and RS-232 extension.

The sending unit features a DVI input with local loop output and remote DVI outputs on RJ45 connectors. The unit can read, store and emulate the EDID information from a connected display.

The system extends DVI video, full-duplex RS-232, and stereo audio to a small receiver on only 2 Cat6 cables to 200 feet or longer as well power, all over the same infrastructure.

The unit can be controlled manually using front panel buttons or through RS-232 commands (software is included). The UD2A-EDID allows up to four different EDID selections to be routed to the DVI source.

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