DuPont promises cheaper OLED

DuPont promises cheaper OLED
Large format OLED displays are set to get cheaper thanks to a revolutionary printing technique announced by DuPont this week. The development by the products and services giant has the potential to propel large, high performance OLED TVs into the mainstream market. DuPont claimed to have achieved record performance in its printing process and promised a cost-effective OLED solution that did not compromise performance or lifetime.

Using proprietary DuPont Gen 3 solution OLED materials, the company says it has for the first time demonstrated a solution-based manufacturing process in which OLEDs can be cost effectively printed while delivering the necessary performance and lifetime.

OLEDs have so far been limited to small mobile displays or very small screens. The largest size currently available is an LG model measuring only 15”. However, with their potential for lower power consumption and their ability to eliminate the need for backlights and colour filters, OLEDs are an attractive display option. Furthermore OLEDs can also offer consumers an improved viewing experience through higher contrast ratios and faster response times.

“OLED displays are in portable devices available in the market today, but the current high-cost of manufacturing with evaporated materials has limited market adoption, and constrained OLED manufacturing for larger size displays,” said David B. Miller, president – DuPont Electronics & Communications. “Now, with DuPont printed OLED materials and process technology, fabrication costs can be significantly reduced, and manufacturing can be scaled to accommodate TV-size displays.”

DuPont previously announced the development of solution-based OLED materials with record-setting lifetime performance. With the new results, DuPont is now claiming a scalable manufacturing process where an OLED television operating eight hours per day would last over 15 years.

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