DuPont, Kateeva partnership heralds mass production of printed OLED

DuPont, Kateeva partnership heralds mass production of printed OLED
DuPont Displays has joined forces with inkjet equipment manufacturer Kateeva to push forward an inkjet printing technology for OLED displays. The partnership is hoped to bring forward a process that will manufacture large scale OLED devices at scale. The companies will use DuPont's experience in solution materials and Kateeva's Yieldjet inkjet printing platform.

“DuPont is focused on providing best-in-class OLED materials and technology to help large format OLED TVs achieve mass commercialisation,” said Avi Avula, global business director, DuPont Displays.

“We expect that our collaboration with Kateeva will streamline the decision making process for device and display makers and enable them to successfully manufacture printed OLED devices, at scale, sooner.”

The DuPont and Kateeva cooperation is non-exclusive and manufacturers will not be restricted in their choice of equipment or material. The companies expect to provide cross-referenced data for DuPont materials with Kateeva printing equipment.

“With Kateeva and DuPont combining their considerable expertise in inkjet printing and OLED materials, the industry is poised to take a significant step forward in achieving low cost mass production of OLED TV,” said Steven Van Slyke, chief technology officer at Kateeva.

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