Dten supports university shift to accommodate hybrid learning

Dten supports university shift to accommodate hybrid learning
Bielefeld University redesigned its teaching concept to accommodate hybrid learning, implementing the Dten D7 interactive whiteboard.

The university had relied on Zoom for remote teaching and required a whiteboard product that was easy to use and compatible with Zoom Rooms.

Around 70 rooms at Bielefeld University were equipped with Dten D7 55-in systems and some meeting and group rooms with DTEN D7 75-in systems.

Jan Felix Trettow, team leader digital teaching of the eLearning.Media department at BITS (Bielefeld IT Service Centre), said: "With Dten D7, we have found a comprehensive and reliable solution for our acute requirements, with which we can supplement our face-to-face courses and rely one hundred percent on the technology.

"Since we had already been using Zoom with its diverse functions for a year at this point, compatibility with Zoom Rooms and the functions it provided was one of the main requirements," added Trettow.

The eLearning.Media department also wanted the courses to be as simple as possible to implement and switch to a hybrid format quickly without much preparation.

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