Drones at Disney

AUTHOR: Inavate

Entertainment venues have always pulled out all the stops to ensure their visitors get an experience like no other. Recent patents filed by Disney reveal that the amusement park is looking to employ drones to provide additional x-factor. Disney joins the likes of Google and Amazon, both of whom are looking to use drones for the purpose of commercial delivery.

Disney has filed a total of three patents for three usage scenario cases for the drones. One of applications is for a multi-drone system that would be tasked with holding aloft a projection screen for night-time displays. Disney has named the display system “flixel” which is an amalgamation of the worlds “floating pixel”.In the patent application Disney says: “The UAVs execute the flight plans to move and to position the flexible projection screens within the display air space.” Drones mixed with projection can provide an new, exciting way to engage the viewers and there is no reason that a similar setup cannot be adopted for other application in professional AV.The other patent application talks about how drones would be able to replace fireworks by providing lighting themselves. The last patent application imagines large scale puppets and marionettes controlled by multiple drones attached to balloons.