Dolby joins the AVnu Alliance

The AVnu Alliance has announced that Dolby Laboratories, Inc. has joined the alliance as a promoter member. The alliance says that this expands the AVnu Alliance's reach in enabling AVB device interoperability in the professional, consumer, and cinema markets.

“As we continue to develop the best entertainment technologies, we see the need for our customers to reliably connect devices with ease. The AVnu Alliance’s work in advancing the AVB standards and its certification program will help the industry reach this goal,” said Brian Link, Vice President Business Development, Dolby Laboratories. “With the AVnu certification process just around the corner, we’re excited to contribute to help drive interoperability with a singular networking solution.”

“With Dolby as a new member, the AVnu Alliance is one step closer to achieving industry-wide support for AVB adoption,” said Lee Minich, marketing chair for the AVnu Alliance. “We will be working closely with Dolby as we finalise the certification specifications to address the needs of applications from pro AV to the cinema to the home. We look forward to seeing the AVnu-certified logo on Dolby products in the near future.”

The addition to the stable of Dolby is a nice coup for the AVnu Alliance, but it still does not overcome the current stumbling block of a lack of AVB certified network switches. According to the AVB wikipedia entry there are currently three of those.