Dolby and BlueJeans to work together on huddle room products

Dolby and BlueJeans to work together on huddle room products
Dolby Laboratories and Blue Jeans Network have announced the companies are collaborating to create products for meeting rooms and huddle rooms.

Initially, Dolby Voice, the audio technology delivering in-person sound quality, is being integrated into BlueJeans onVideo and BlueJeans Huddle group meeting products.

Andrew Border, VP, communications business group, Dolby Laboratories said, "Dolby Voice combined with BlueJeans creates meeting experiences that are free from audio distractions and stimulate better participation and conference flow, closely resembling the dynamics and productivity of face-to-face meetings. Bringing together the BlueJeans platform with Dolby Voice effectively addresses common challenges such as background noise, not knowing who’s speaking, echo, people talking over one another, and uneven sound levels across environments. Combined, these technologies allow enterprises and individuals around the world to experience more productive video meetings.

In parallel, BlueJeans is making the Dolby Conference Phone a part of the BlueJeans Huddle solution. The 360 degree voice pickup captures the entire room’s conversation, and spatial audio technology presents in-room and remote voices as if they come from a distinct location. This integration supports BlueJeans’ one-touch meeting initiation from the Dolby Conference Phone interface.

BlueJeans Huddle with the Dolby Voice Conference Phone is expected to be available in Spring 2017.