DoCoMo gives 3D an interactive touch dimension

DoCoMo gives 3D an interactive touch dimension
DoCoMo, a Japanese mobile phone operator, has unveiled an interactive 3D display technology that provides a touch sensation using magnetic forces. Reporting from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Pocket-Lint, gadget review and news site, claimed the feedback, via a magnetised pen-like device, was so strong that, if you weren’t holding the pen firmly, it would jump out of your hand.

The mobile phone company describes the technology as a Touchable 3D display. According to Pocket-Lint it uses a glass-less 3D display and a system that employs two cameras to track the three-dimensional position of the pen.

Pocket-Lint claims that according to the position of the pen an electric current is sent to the coil embedded behind the 3D display and magnetic power is felt via a magnet at the tip of the pen-type device.

On stand at Mobile World Congress the company had developed content that saw a cartoon chameleon try and catch the pen with its tongue. Pocket-Lint claimed that if it succeeded then the pen vibrated strongly enough to jump out of the user’s hand.

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