Display technology set to eclipse LCD

Display technology set to eclipse LCD
A display technology claimed to outperform LCD, OLED and plasma will hit the market next year, according to Texas based developer UniPixel. The colour display technology is said to be 60 per cent cheaper and ten times brighter than LCD screens. UniPixel develops the thin-film materials, branded under the name Opcuity, for use in Time Multiplexed Optical Shutter (TMOS) displays. Video content demonstrates the technology.

beThis month UniPixel received its first purchase orders and reached agreements with two high-volume film production companies to bolster the production process for its Opcuity films to meet rapidly growing demand. The company noted that for competitive reasons the customers have requested that the terms of the orders not be disclosed.

Reed Killion, UniPixel’s president and CEO, noted, “The demonstrations of our advanced microstructured films to the industry have generated tremendous interest in a variety of applications for the technology. We’re pleased to have completed a distribution agreement for products based on it. In addition, we also have had a number of display industry and consumer electronics companies approach us to create unique varieties of the films. Securing the first orders for our films signals our transition to become a thin film supplier.”


Killion continued: “To address the production capacity that we anticipate, we have successfully completed the technical work required with our partners as rapidly as possible. This has motivated these partners to align high-volume production systems our way and begin the process of launching production. We are very proud to have successfully engaged two separate industry leaders and to have proven the value and potential of our technology to them through our mutual technical development efforts. The recently completed new agreements with each company shows the desire each partner has to be able to leverage our unique methods and the resulting micro-structured film products it yields. It is our plan to have film production begin in low volume this coming quarter for these initial customer orders and then ramp to high volumes for additional opportunities in the beginning of 2010.”

He concluded: “We laid out a clear strategy and our execution is on track. We have now assembled a team of five separate worldclass partner companies to participate with us in the commercialisation of our Opcuity films and TMOS display technology.”

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