Digital Signage Summit Europe unveils 2022 speakers

Digital Signage Summit Europe unveils 2022 speakers
Digital Signage Summit Europe has announced its speaker line up for the July 2022 show in Munich.

Delegates at the show will hear from more than 60 industry influencers, including C-suite business leaders and disruptors.

This year’s show theme focuses on ‘digital signage business critical’, showcasing why digital signage is critical to business success.

Other show topics include green signage, industry developments and concepts and content creation in the real world and Metaverse.

The latest projects and digital signage strategies from global companies and rising challengers will be shown, with examples from: Audi, Porsche, Hugo Boss, Stratacache, Google, intel, Immaculix, Admira, Siemens, Sharp NEC Display Solutions, Telelogos, Sage+Archer, Dan Pearlman Group and more.

Standout events include:

The Leaders Panel – Is Big, Big Enough? (Wednesday 10:30 - 10:50AM)
• Per Mandorf - CEO & President, ZetaDisplay
• Manlio Romanelli – President, M-Cube
• Alberto Cáceres Tejedor - Group CEO, Trison World
• Jonathan Wharrad - VP Global Brands, Mood Media
• Roi Iglesias - Marketing Manager - Strategy & Innovation, Econocom

Green Signage – Tackling Digital Signage’s Carbon Footprint (Wednesday 11:30 - 11:50AM)
• Theresa Kirchweger - Sustainability Manager, Umdasch The Store Makers
• Christof Böhm - Senior Vice President Engineering, Quality Assurance & Service, Sharp NEC Display Solutions
• Rainer Karcher - Global Director of IT Sustainability, Siemens

How Porsche is Changing the Rules of the Digital Signage Industry (Wednesday 12:00 -12:20PM)
• Roland Grassberger – CEO, Grassfish Marketing Technologies
• Oliver Mack - Managing Partner, Macom
• Alberto Cáceres Tejedor - Group CEO, Trison World

Boss (Thursday 10:10 - 10:30AM)
• Robin Hoffmann – CEO, Heardis
• Holger Konschewsky - Global Marketing & Brand Communications Manager Instore Digitalization, Hugo Boss
• Markus Doetsch - Managing Partner Procult, Heinekingmedia

Changing the Game of Media Player (Thursday 10:30 -10:50AM)
• Stanislav Richter – CEO, SignageOS
• Radjen van Wilsem – CEO, CS Digital Media

Pictured: Speakers on the M&S panel at DSS Europe 2019

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