Digital Projection illuminates Astra Film Festival

Digital Projection illuminates Astra Film Festival
The Astra Film Festival in Sibiu, Romania, creating a fully immersive ‘full dome’ with M-Vision projectors.

The full dome is a 300 sq. m. multimedia projection dome in the city’s main square, delivering a 360 degrees AV experiences that aims to immerse the audience in the cinematic highlights of the film festival.

Six Digital Projection M-Vision 27000 WU projectors, chosen for image and colour quality, as well as brightness and consistent reliability.

The full dome hosted a range of films, including documentaries, musicals, cartoons and movies, powered by a ScreenBerry server which deconstructs and reconstructs the image to correspond to the dome’s mapping, using several HDMI fibre optic cables connected to the corresponding projector and projected the image onto the internal projection liner.

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