Digital Projection hands rental deal to FilmGear

Digital Projection hands rental deal to FilmGear
Projector manufacturer Digital Projection has named FilmGear as its official rental partner in Denmark.

The film and video equipment supplier recently purchased 20 3-Chip DLP Titan Super Quads to add to tits 16 Single-Chip DLP M-Vision 930 projectors.

Ingar Sundholm, regional sales manager for the Nordic region, said: " FilmGear are a well established and extremely well respected company having been in the AV industry for over 18 years. We're delighted they chose our range of projectors to add to their fleet which increases access to our products in the Nordic Region.

"FilmGear’s investment will also make it more attractive for other rental companies to invest in Digital Projection projectors as they will be offering to cross rent their projectors to other rental companies throughout Europe."

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