DIGIS Group hosts integration conference

DIGIS Group hosts integration conference
The DIGIS Group held its annual integration conference in July, with 100 delegates from 70 local integration companies represented at the event, offering training sessions for RGBlink products.

The keynote speech was delivered by DIGIS Group CEO and founder, Boris Eshkind, delivering his keynote in front of a Unilumin display controlled from an RGBlink X3p universal video wall processor.

Training sessions on RGBlink products were provided by DIGIS product manager, Ivan Okunev, with a focus on the X series universal processors, including the new X3p, the X1 pro e and the VSP628pro.

The sessions also included both RGBlink XPOSE 1.2 and XPOSE 2.0 control platforms, with demonstrations showcasing each platform in use with its respective capabilities enabled through the latest releases.

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