Design and try on clothes with simple gestures

Design and try on clothes with simple gestures
Clothes shoppers can try on and design their own clothes with simple gestures using a new system aimed at the retail market. Mirror Mirror, designed by researchers from My Design Lab at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), works using a large display, a depth sensor and a projector. Such developments are seen as key to attracting shoppers away from cut-rate online shopping and back to high street.

To operate the system the user stands in front of a large display which acts as a transparent screen between the user and their reflection. A depth camera captures the gesture and body shape of the person and designs are projected onto their body.

The virtual garments are visible both on the user’s body as well as in the reflection to obtain a third person perspective. A background projector can also be employed to show various environments so the user can see how their clothes look in places like an office, a forest or a beach. The users can also design their clothes using mid-air gestures, rotating and scaling patterns and images to their liking. Designs can then be shared, exported and printed onto clothing.

Similar systems have been produced and are gaining interest from global clothing firms. Adidas plans to offer technology where shoppers can customise their own designs in stores by 2017.

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