Delta Airlines to offer personalised airport messages at Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Parallel Reality
The Parallel Reality experience will allow customers to see personalised information.

Delta Air Lines will unveil Parallel Reality technology, an opt-in technology designed to present personalised airport messages to individual travellers simultaneously on one screen.

Announced at CES 2020, the technology was developed in partnership with Misapplied Sciences, with a planned launch of the first ‘Parallel Reality’ beta experience for customers at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport in mid-2020. 

The technology can allow customers to see personalised content tailored to their native language, destination and weather information at their destination as well as directions to departure gates or the nearest Delta Sky Club. 

Up to 100 customers will be able to view content simultaneously during the beta experience near the Delta Sky Club at Concourse A, McNamara Terminal in Detroit, with content being displayed on one digital screen located just after security. 

Feedback from opt-in customers and staff during the trial will be used to shape the future experience, however it is not clear what form the full rollout will take. 

Multi-view pixels and proprietary technology are used to enable customers to see personalised content with in-language messages as they walk past the digital screen. 

The trial could allow users to view personalised wayfinding, flight information and updates, boarding time, the nearest Delta Sky Club or upgrade/standby statuses. 

While a system like this, may appear Orwellian to some, Delta have claimed that the experience will always be opt-in and customer information will not be stored to address fears of data misuse. 

Albert Ng, CEO, Misapplied Sciences explained: “While we will start with Delta customers in Detroit, eventually Parallel Reality technology can be used to create seamless, engaging and personalised experiences in nearly any out-of-home venue–ranging from stadiums to theme parks to convention centres and more.”