d&b audio system powers Riyadh City theatres for cultural celebration

d&b audio system powers Riyadh City theatres for cultural celebration
A d&b audio system was selected to match the grand nature of the Riyadh Season celebration, powering luxurious theatres with highly intelligible audio.

Local d&b sales partner and AV expert, 7Hertz, was called upon to provide a sound system for the complex’s theatres, covering four theatres for concerts and shows during the Riyadh cultural celebration. 

7Hertz was approached by Saudi events management company, Sela, providing a d&b V-series line array systems throughout. 

The V-series was selected due to its high performance capabilities and flexibility, supporting the two largest theatres, Bakr Al Shaddi and Mohammad Al Alii, ranging in capacity from 600 to 900 seats.

These theatres boast left and right hangs of 10 V8s and two V12s per side, supported by a pair of centrally flown large format SL-SUB cardioid subwoofers. Four T10s and two Y7Ps act as front fills and side fills, with four M4 stage monitors completing the system. 

For the two smaller theatres, the Al Andaleeb and Kawkab Al Sharg, left and right arrays of three V8s were installed with one V12 per side. In the centre, a pair of flown medium format KSL-SUB cardioid subwoofers to support the theatres’ cabaret styles. 

Front fill and side fill were provided via four T10s and two Y7ps with four M4 stage monitors for foldback. 

D&b’s ArrayProcessing technology was also used to optimise performance across the listening zones of each theatre. 

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