Datapath announces ActiveSQX2 card for IP encoding and decoding

Datapath announces ActiveSQX2 card for IP encoding and decoding
Datapath has introduced the ActiveSQX2, a PCIe plug-in card that allows IP sources to be decoded for display on videowalls and workstations and for captured sources to be encoded for delivery to other parts of the ecosystem.

When combined with Datapath capture and graphics cards, the ActiveSQX2 gives users the ability to decode both h.264 and HEVC h.265 streams for immediate display.

The encoding feature allows a number of captured sources to be simultaneously re-distributed across the network to other endpoints. When used within the Aetria environment, HDCP protected sources can also be encoded and streamed to other Aetria endpoints.

The ActiveSQX2 is fully compatible with Datapath’s current Vision capture card family and can also be used alongside the ActiveSQX card for customers wishing to decode more streams or to add scalable encoding to their solution.

Whether transmitting local sources over the network for remote display, monitoring, and integration, or viewing IP sources alongside local sources, the ActiveSQX2 card provides highly reliable encode and decode operations for complex video distribution projects such as large-scale Control Rooms, NOCs, SOCs, Campuses and more.

Key Features at a glance:

· Dedicated encode/decode card with dual RJ45 Ethernet ports
· On-board SQX engine
· Supports AVC H.264 and HEVC H.265
· Decode up to 12 x 1080p30 streams (H.264 or H.265)
· Encode up to 8 x 1080p30 H.264 streams or 3 x H.265 (1080p 30) streams
· AES encryption for each stream when used within an Aetria system
· Two ethernet ports for connecting to separate networks

Datapath’s ActiveSQX2 is available from Q2.

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