Datapath acquires Mosaiqq to boost collaboration offering

Datapath acquires Mosaiqq to boost collaboration offering
Datapath has completed the acquisition of Mosaiqq, a Silicon Valley headquartered, privately-funded business, to help bring collaborative working to the mainstream videowall market.

Speaking exclusively to InAVate, Bjorn Krylander, MD Datapath said the company "had been looking for partnerships and software that will enable us to put more software on our controllers to reach a wider market and make the useful in more environments for some time. In this particular case it made sense for us to make an acquisition."

Krylander said he wouldn't rule out other acquisitions in the future if the fit was right.

"What we have noticed is that we sell a lot of controllers that are being used in big meeting rooms and boardrooms for installations where they are replacing projectors with 2x2 or 3x2 videowalls.  When you take those displays into an environment where there is more interactive use, Barco’s ClickShare comes into mind as one product for such an application, that is the kind of direction the Mosaiqq application we are launching at InfoComm 2017 will enable us to take things. 

Designed to complement the range of products that we offer here at Datapath, this acquisition underlines the importance we place on the growth of the collaboration market in operation centres and control rooms; in fact in any collaborative business environment."

Mosaiqq was founded in 2009 by Anders and Nina Nancke-Krogh, both former Nokia employees who sought to steer their careers in a different direction once Apple had released its first-generation iPhone in the summer of 2007.

“Touch technology really set our minds racing, particularly with regard to the potential benefits for big display applications,” explains Anders. “This is why we created Mosaiqq.”

The company set about developing software for those working in operation or command and control centres, enabling them to use a videowall as a large, shared desktop that would offer a number of different functions.

Among early customers of the patented software were a global petroleum company and an international aerospace and defence specialist – all Fortune 100 companies. Now, with the acquisition of the Mosaiqq, Datapath is taking this software developed for large multi-nationals and integrating it with its own WallControl 10 product to make it accessible to the mainstream videowall market.

“In effect, we are extending WallControl 10 by adding interactive features that will be highly valuable to control rooms, meeting rooms and collaborative/information sharing environments which have more responsive needs,” says Bjorn. “This represents one step on Datapath’s journey to move with purpose into the collaborative marketplace, and customers can expect further developments moving forwards.”

Datapath will shortly have more to reveal about the new application sharing software following its official launch at InfoComm 2017. The product is scheduled to be available for shipping by September 2017.