d3 expands worldwide training sessions

d3 expands worldwide training sessions
To meet the training needs of its customer base, d3 Technologies has announced a range of new courses to educate the pro-AV community in how to use d3 at all stages of production.  The courses are tailored to all experience levels and are offered online and in person. 

Customers start learning d3 by watching free webinars and video tutorials online; they continue to expand their skills by attending Fundamental Training at a d3 Training Centre.  Those who wish to specialise in d3 can then move up to Advanced Training.
Monthly Fundamental and Advanced Training sessions are held at d3 headquarters in London; monthly Fundamental Training sessions alternate between the US East and West Coasts with monthly Advanced Training coming soon.  Monthly Fundamental and Advanced Training will launch in Germany shortly.
More than 20 trainers are available across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and in the Americas offering training in multiple languages to the global d3 community.  Trainers will soon be available in the Asia Pacific region as well.  d3 Customers can contact trainers directly from the d3 website to join or request a training event.
All d3 customers start learning the basics of the d3 platform online.  A one-hour d3 Introductory Webinar outlines d3’s main features, including real-time simulation and pixel-perfect content mapping. 
After completing online training, customers can learn the basics by attending Fundamental Training at a d3 Training Centre.  Summer sessions are offered in London, Chicago, Baltimore, Boston, New York, and Los Angeles.  These two-day courses teach how to use the Timeline, Stage, Output Feeds and projection mapping.  Included is a d3 Designer USB key with a two-month license or a d3 Designer three-month extension on an existing license. 
Customers can book one- or two-day sessions on Creative Sequencing, Systems Integration, Lighting Integration, Motion Control and Specialist Workflows.  Summer sessions for Creative Sequencing and Systems Integration will be available at the d3 Training Centre in London.


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