d&b electroacoustics seminar returns to ABTT

d&b electroacoustics seminar returns to ABTT
D&b audiotechnik will stage its electroacoustics seminar at London’s ABTT Theatre Show on June 7, 2017.

The session looks at how loudspeakers interact with their environment and how that affects what the listener hears. 

It is suited to various experience levels and asks questions such as: how does sound propagate? And how do sound waves combine? The seminar will include practical experiments and demonstrations. 

Presenter Oran Burns said: “I’d argue this seminar is the most important thing d&b does in terms of its education and training program.

“It goes back to the absolute basics. We know some sound engineers out there go about their work, and whether out of repetition or experience they understand a certain action gets a certain result, but sometimes without fully understanding why. 

“That’s why getting to grips with the principles of electroacoustics is so important, because it explains the underlying mechanics of what’s going on in any scenario. In terms of sound system design and engineering these are our building blocks, for quite literally everything we do – without them nothing else makes much sense.” 

The session runs from 11am to 4pm with one hour for lunch. 

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