CUE launches new software platform

CUE Systems has launched Visual Composer programming software that replaces the previous System Director XPL software.

The software interface allows programmers to control any aspect of their decentralised programming processes through a unified scripting language. The new language is designed to simplify the control of all objects, including graphical libraries, allowing access to new graphical functionality including support for Alpha channels. A new transportation layer has been created within the CUEnet protocol to give streamed -media content and file-transfer functionality.

Firmware is available for all current products and is can be downloaded at www.cuesystem.com along with the installation package for CUE Visual Composer software.

Polar audio will shortly release a UK training program and course syllabus for the new programming software which is due to launch in the summer. Programmers wishing to obtain the software in advance of this can download support materials from the CUE website.