CT Group UK migrates to IP with RTS intercoms

CT Group UK migrates to IP with RTS intercoms
The UK arm of Creative Technology is moving to an IP-based model and has made a large investment in RTS equipment to ensure its intercoms would be IP-based.

“We’re making a very big investment in IP this year and are looking at the next generation of signal distribution – we have chosen ST-2110 as a platform for that,” explains Sid Lobb, head of vision and integrated networks at Creative Technology. “It’s part of a direction of investment that is heavily biased towards IP.”

Two key reasons were behind this decision. Firstly, NEP Group’s US operation has a large inventory of RTS equipment, and secondly the company found its existing RTS products to be flexible when in use during the pandemic lockdowns.

The first major use for the new investment came with a large multi-sport event that took place over the summer in Birmingham


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