CS Prod adds Digital Projection laser projectors to growing fleet

CS Prod adds Digital Projection laser projectors to growing  fleet
Projection mapping company CS Prod, a specialist in the creation of content related to history and heritage, has added to its growing Digital Projection fleet with seven additional M-Vision Lasers taking their total inventory up to a total of 20.

The company focuses on large format projections and technological lighting in historical sites such as the Cité de Carcassonne, where they have produced ten creations in the Grand Théâtre.

Christian Salès, artistic director at CS Prod, chose additional M-Vision Lasers so they can be easily networked, adjusted remotely and so each member of the team would understand how to use them. “The technique is as important as the content. By owning your projectors, you know that they will be in top condition, powerful, calibrated, and reliable. You also know in advance, how the image will look in the end, which for an artistic director like me, is invaluable,” says Salès.

CS Prod were involved in a number of major productions over the summer, attracting tens of thousands of people in total, including 'Les Nuits Merveilleuses' (Of Water and Dreams, 10 July–22 Aug 2021), a video mapping show in Narbonne (France) which narrates the history of the city through water. Six M-Vision Laser projectors were used over three sites, including a water curtain and an ancient bridge, with an additional four used to illuminate a medieval arch.


pic credit: CS Prod