Crisis, what crisis?

AUTHOR: Inavate

Integrated Systems Europe has confounded the weather and the economy to deliver record attendance for another year. Apart from the absence of a certain section of the AV community, who apparently couldn’t cope with a bit of snow, the halls remained full of busy visitors until the organisers announced the close of play on Thursday afternoon. (By then even the Brits had turned up!)

The final figure for visitor attendance was announced as in excess of 24,000 souls, a figure which will have delighted nervous exhibitors in the run up to the show. But despite economic uncertainty in the outside world, it seemed that a fair sized bubble of positivity existed around the RAI over the three days of the exhibition. Both integrators and manufacturers commented that they were both relieved and delighted by the mood of the week and whilst no one is expecting an economic boom the commercial AV world at least is largely of the opinion “nowhere near as bad as it could be”.

Another very happy man was IS Events managing director Mike Blackman, who speaking to InAVate on the thursday afternoon, described himself as over-the-moon with the way the show had gone.

A full report and technology round up will appear in March’s edition of InAVate.