Crestron demos integration with Kinect and Siri

On its booth at ISE2012, Crestron is demonstrating hook ups with both Microsoft’s Kinect and Apple’s Siri platforms.

Crestron Labs, the research of the engineering department at Crestron has been testing a new technology from Microsoft that enables Microsoft Kinect to be supported on any windows-based system.The result is a mashup in which a Crestron control system will interpret gestures picked up by a Kinect Sensor. For example, a presenter can advance a powerpoint presentation by sweep their hands left to right, or vice versa.A second mashup was created first by Carnes AV in the USA, and this uses the Siri voice recognition application from Apple to interface with a Crestron home automation controller.Both of these can be seen in action at ISE on Stand 1.F2 InAVate will be going along to take a look.