Creative Technology builds 360 LED stage with ROE displays

Creative Technology builds 360 LED stage with ROE displays
Creative Technology worked alongside the Nordisk Film-owned VFX and post-production company, Nordisk Film Shortcut, to create the Shortcut LED stage: a 360 degrees LED stage measuring 16x6.

The stage’s walls and ceilings are completely covered with LED panels, enabling film makers, production companies and other visual storytellers to shoot in a flexible environment with complete 360 degrees coverage.

A steel structure was set up as a framework, where the construction could be assembled. Cables were pulled out and rack rooms were built ahead of the arrival of the LED panels, which required a 14-strong team from Creative Technology to build.

The final LED construction consists of ROE Black Pearl BPv2 screens, alongside Carbon Black and Black Marble 4 Matte panels which were used for the floor. The screens were selected for their on-camera performance and high refresh rate that minimises the risk of visual disturbances in the camera image.

Creative Technology also delivered disguise media servers for the installation, playing graphics on the LED screens. Nine servers were installed, with five RX2s rendering the graphics which are sent to four VX2s and forwarded to the LED processors.

Transportation delays threw a spanner in the works for CT, as the ship carrying the panels was stuck outside Hamburg for a month. Before the ship could be turned around and returned to Asia, the decision was made to transfer to Rotterdam where the cargo was unloaded and driven to Copenhagen thanks to the efforts of the Creative Technology Australia team.

This delay extended the entire work schedule by a month and a half, compressing the building work significantly. Ultimately, the Creative Technology team had to complete the largest part of the installation in just one work.

Ole Bergström, project manager, Creative Technologies, commented: “We learned so much on this project. I personally spent one full week just learning the new elements that were constantly required. The opportunity to do a job like this means that I am now a full-time project manager at CT's department for fixed installations – Systems Integration.”

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