CR van Wyk modernises boardroom with integrated AV from Stage Audio Works Namibia

CR van Wyk modernises boardroom with integrated AV from Stage Audio Works Namibia
CR van Wyk, a Windhoek-based accounting and audit practice has modernised its boardroom with fully integrated AV system from Stage Audio Works Namibia.

CR van Wyk and co. (CRVW) is an accounting and audit practice based in the Namibian capital. In addition to serving their business clients, the company is also invested in providing opportunities for students, as both a registered audit practice and training office for students studying towards their Chartered Accountancy (Nam) qualifications and a practice and training office for students studying for professional accountancy careers with the Namibian Institute for Professional Accountants (NIPA).

When CRVW made the decision to modernise their outdated boardroom solutions, who better to turn to than their long-standing clients, Stage Audio Works Namibia. “It was a fascinating experience to reverse our roles, but we were delighted to have the opportunity to extend our services to one of our primary service providers,” says Stage Audio Works Namibia GM, Johadrie de Villiers.

CRVW asked Stage Audio Works Namibia to help modernise their boardroom in order to improve the quality of their video conferencing and team meetings. SAW Namibia specified and installed a fully integrated video conference system based on Samsung screens and a Logitech Rally Plus bundle with integrated Microsoft Teams. An interactive whiteboard with a Logitech Scribe whiteboard camera along with a Logitech Tap scheduling panel completed the package.

SAW Namibia incorporated loudspeakers and dual screens into a tailored unit, complete with built-in storage. This design choice ensures a flush appearance that harmonises with the streamlined aesthetic of the recently revamped boardroom.

Ronel Ellis, personal assistant to the managing partner at CRVW, is thrilled with the results. “The quality of our meetings has improved measurably,” she states. “Having the technology to host flawless virtual meetings has improved our flexibility, and in turn our service rendering, both for meetings with an international client base as well as for the recruitment of international students for our training program.

"Also, being able to host high quality virtual meetings at the click of a button further expedites turnaround time on service delivery since collective decision-making is sometimes required to proceed,” she continues. “The new systems have significantly enhanced the overall experience and increased efficiency. I especially love the integration of the interactive whiteboard, which is visible to all participants whether remote or in the room. Stage Audio Works have done a great job for us.”

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