Cost-effective commercial line array

AUTHOR: Inavate

TOA has unveiled the H-series of compact, high intelligibility line arrays for use in commercial buildings. According to the company it is designed to fit into the smallest of gaps, and tackle the most reflective environments on a tight budget.

There are four models in the Type-H range, each based on the same 7cm full-range drive unit. The SR-H2L uses nine drives, while the SR-H3L uses 18. Both are also available with a front that curves downwards towards its bottom edge, rather than a flat front, for applications where listeners closer to the speakers are also lower than those behind them. The curved models are the SR-H2S and the SR-H3S.

Type-H requires no external processing and little amplification. It is an 8-ohm design as standard, but can be converted for high-impedance use with the optional MT-S0301 transformer.