Corning invites us to spend another day with glass

Interactive learning, tele medicine, light sensitive glass and digital signage. All familiar to readers of InAVate digITal but not necessarily to the rest of the world. Corning, manufacturer of the now famous Gorilla Glass which graces personal mobile devices around the world has released a follow up to its “A day made of glass” video, imaginatively titled “A day made of glass 2”. It contains all of the above with a futuristic twist.

Of particular interest to me were the tele-medicine slot, which appears around 3:10 which has some pretty cool virtual surgery stuff in it. Also looking good is the interactive classroom bits that appear around 1:50. All in all, it’s just well worth a look.

I’m not going to ask who’d have thought glass would be so interesting, since I did a fair portion of my degree course about it, but none-the-less hats of to Corning for pushing themselves to the front of the queue.