Control room upgrade for DESFA boosts operational efficiency

Control room upgrade for DESFA boosts operational efficiency
Government natural gas utility organisation DESFA turned to Avidex to upgrade its control room hardware and software.

DESFA’s control room is responsible for the health, safety, reliability, and operational efficiency of the organisation. Multiple sources, including hardware inputs, IP streams (CCTV), and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software come into the room for monitoring and management of resources, power and utility generation, transmission, and distribution. An upgrade was required to streamline, control and visualise the incoming flow of information from the national natural gas transmission system and other sources.

Avidex installed 16 55-in Samsung displays in a 2 x 8 arrangement on a curved metal frame. It chose VuWall VuScape 280 controllers and VuWall’s videowall management software to drive and manage the videowall. The VuScape controllers are installed in redundant configuration.

DESFA’s SCADA system — Vivavis’ Power Supply Grids HIGH-LEIT HMI software — was installed on the VuScape video wall controllers.

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