Compact signs partnership deal with ARuVR to provide XR systems for training

Compact signs partnership deal with ARuVR to provide XR systems for training
Compact a provider of e-learning and digital HR systems in Greece, has announced a partnership with ARuVR, a provider of Extended Reality (including AR, VR, and Mixed Reality) learning technologies.

By joining forces with ARuVR, a company known for its expertise in immersive Learning and Development (L&D) technologies, Compact is able to unlock new possibilities in corporate training.

Through immersive simulations and interactive content, ARuVR’s systems can enable users to engage with learning material in new ways, fostering deeper understanding and retention.
This partnership marks a significant milestone for both Compact and ARuVR. By combining Compact’s expertise in training content development with ARuVR’s technology, the two companies are confident to deliver innovative training solutions across various industries, from healthcare to engineering to hospitality.
"We are thrilled to embark on this journey with ARuVR," said Kostas Kadis, MD of Compact. "This partnership represents a new chapter in learning innovation, and we are excited to leverage ARuVR’s immersive technologies to revolutionise training methods in Greece. Together, we will empower learners with dynamic, engaging, and effective learning experiences."
"We are excited to partner with Compact to bring our cutting-edge XR systems to the Greek market," said Frank Furnari, CEO of ARuVR. "Thanks to this collaboration, the new learning programmes will not only attract and retain talent, increase user satisfaction and improve engagement rates, but to safely and efficiently upskill and re-skill the existing workforce across various sectors."
Through this partnership, businesses will have access to a diverse range of training programs designed to meet the evolving needs of the workforce.

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